Who's covered by the Act?

Whether the rules in the PRA apply to you and your ex-partner depends on the type of relationship and how long you were together.

  • Couples who've been together at least three years - Married, civil union and de facto couples who've been together for at least three years are covered by the equal-sharing rules. This means the family home, car, and furniture and appliances will usually be shared equally.
  • Short-term marriages and civil unions - Married and civil union couples who've been together less than three years are covered. But in some cases, the family home, car and so on may be divided according to each person's contributions (including non-financial contributions) to the relationship, rather than being shared equally.
  • Short-term de facto relationships usually not covered - De facto couples who've been together for less than three years usually aren't covered by the PRA, which means the ordinary rules of property ownership will decide what each person is entitled to (but there are some exceptions to this).

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Who's covered by the Act?

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