Tamariki in Care of Child Proceedings

In CoCA proceedings, tamariki must be given reasonable opportunities to express their views about any matters that affect them.

What tamariki think must be taken into account by the judge, but it does not mean that what tamariki want will be granted by the judge.

Tamariki can ask to meet with the judge and tell the judge themselves what they think, or they can talk to their lawyer and their lawyer will tell the judge.

If tamariki are appointed a lawyer, the lawyer has to meet with them unless a judge says that a meeting with tamariki is not a good idea.

The lawyer’s job is to:

  • promote the welfare and best interests of tamariki
  • ensure that what tamariki think are conveyed to the judge
  • help the whānau involved in the court proceedings reach agreement
  • talk to tamariki about appealing the judge’s decision

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