Tamariki in Family Violence Proceedings

Tamariki participation in family violence proceedings can happen in the following ways:

Tamariki who are covered by a protection order can request a safety programme. A safety programme provides education, information, and support to promote the protection of tamariki from family violence. The safety programme is to help tamariki understand what is happening.

In most cases when a protection order is made the violent party must be assessed regarding attendance at an appropriate non-violence programme. Unless it is unsafe or inappropriate, the assessor must take reasonable steps to find out what tamariki think about the violent party attending a programme. The person who provides the programme must do the same.

In the Family Court, tamariki are often appointed a lawyer. The lawyer’s job is to tell the judge what tamariki think - unless tamariki want to do that themselves or they don’t want their lawyer to tell the judge what they’ve said.

Tamariki are entitled to confidentiality with their lawyer. Sometimes they are worried that the adults may not be happy with what they say.

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Tamariki in Family Violence Proceedings

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