Costs of the Family Justice System

When applying for orders under CoCA, whānau need to be aware of the possible costs involved in the family justice system:

  • It costs approximately $900 for family dispute resolution, which is mediation. The cost is shared between the parties. If whānau qualify for legal aid then it will be free.
  • There is a $220 application fee when applying for a parenting order unless you get a waiver. If whānau qualify for legal aid the fee will be waived.
  • If the court appoints a lawyer for tamariki, the court may make an order that the whānau involved in the court proceedings have to pay 2/3’s of the lawyer’s costs. Whānau must convince the judge that making them pay 2/3s of the lawyer’s costs would cause serious hardship for them. If whānau are legally aided a costs contribution order will not be made against them.
  • Sometimes the court wants specialist information or assistance in a case, in those cases a lawyer might be appointed to assist the court, or a report requested from a psychologist, cultural advisor or doctor. If that happens, whānau may have to contribute to the lawyer’s costs or the cost of getting the reports.
  • For those whānau who are legally aided, they may also have to pay back some or all of the legal aid money that has been paid to their lawyer.

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